English to Vietnamese Meaning of black - đen

Black :

đen, tối, âm u, tối tăm, sậm màu, sậm, nâu, màu hung hung, con quạ, dơ bẩn, lộn xộn, không hợp phép vệ sinh, xanh nhợt, mờ, không rỏ ràng, che khuất, đẩm lệ, hung ác, tàn bạo, dính máu, không êm, dã man, điếc, không màu, ảm đạm, tái nhợt, rỉ, kinh khủng, làm nhục, ô nhục, xanh đậm, tối như mực, quạu quọ, lạ lùng, bầu trời màu, lờ mờ, mơ hồ, huyền bí, Không trung thực, đồi bại, không công bằng, tà ác, xấu, độc ác, tàn nhẫn, ghen ghét, độc hại, tuyệt vời, khủng khiếp, ghê gớm, rất lớn, tàn khốc, hình sự, tội lỗi, phạm tội, sống, tạm, màu xanh lá, chưa chín, tươi, vô vị, khó chịu, đượm màu tang, trang nghiêm, Hôi, bẩn thỉu, ghê tởm, không thấy, ăn cắp, giấu, bí mật, đúng luật, làm video đen, mờ mịt, làm tối, ô nhiễm, hiếp dâm, làm nhơ nhuốc, làm ô danh, vết bẩn, làm tổn hại, làm mờ, xấu hổ

đenbôi đenđenđen tốiblackingđen đenblacklybóng tốingười da đen
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Definitions of black in English
Noun(1) the quality or state of the achromatic color of least lightness (bearing the least resemblance to white(2) total absence of light(3) British chemist who identified carbon dioxide and who formulated the concepts of specific heat and latent heat (1728-1799(4) popular child actress of the 1930's (born in 1928(5) (board games(6) black clothing (worn as a sign of mourning
Verb(1) make or become black
Adjective(1) being of the achromatic color of maximum darkness; having little or no hue owing to absorption of almost all incident light(2) of or belonging to a racial group especially of sub-Saharan African origin(3) marked by anger or resentment or hostility(4) offering little or no hope(5) stemming from evil characteristics or forces; wicked or dishonorable(6) (of events(7) (of the face(8) extremely dark(9) harshly ironic or sinister(10) (of intelligence operations(11) distributed or sold illicitly(12) (used of conduct or character(13) (of coffee(14) soiled with dirt or soot
Examples of black in English
(1) They tore off his dirty black garments and threw him into the bath.(2) I was wearing black for the ceremony as was the custom at the time, and changed into a white satin dress for the reception.(3) It is coloured golden brown above and white below with a black stripe down the sides of its neck.(4) Again, the predominant colours are black and grey and the lighting plot is superb.(5) She was going to set him free from all of the evil and black hatred he had brought to the world.(6) After a close fought frame it was Steve who potted the final black to win 50-42.(7) She was startled and looked up to see that the man was dressed in all black with a hood on his face.(8) The black sky stretched out above her, its hundreds of stars twinkling beneath the wavering light.(9) Light brown, navy and black are the colours Joseph has in mind for the suits.(10) I was very pleased with my eye make-up, and I only used two colours this time - black and gold.(11) He is part of a new generation of black artists who are bringing their eclectic cultural experiences to dance.(12) It had gotten a lot darker and the sky was completely black except with the assortment of stars.(13) All about her was either the black of night and shadows or the orange of flame.(14) Johnson was a banner figure for artists of the great 1960s revival in black culture.(15) Gypsy moth egg hatch occurs at about the time of budburst of red and black oaks.(16) The two men approached, dressed the same as before, all in black with the ski masks on.
Related Phrases of black
(1) black hole ::
hố đen
(2) black eye ::
mắt đen
(3) black sheep ::
cừu đen
(4) black tea ::
trà đen
(5) supermassive black hole ::
hố đen siêu lớn
(6) black cat ::
mèo đen
(7) black man ::
người da đen
1. dark ::
2. unlit ::
không sáng sủa
3. tragic ::
bi thảm
4. miserable ::
khổ sở
5. cynical ::
Hoài nghi
6. angry ::
bực bội
7. wicked ::
nguy hiểm
8. bootleg ::
buôn lậu rượu
9. grim ::
hung tợn
10. shameful ::
làm nhục
11. fatal ::
gây tử vong
12. pitch-dark ::
tối đen
13. smutty ::
dơ dáy
14. bleak ::
ảm đạm
15. blackened ::
16. total darkness ::
màn đêm bao trùm
18. black person ::
người da đen
19. blacken ::
mờ mịt
1. white ::
Different Forms
black, blacked, blacker, blackest, blackish, blackly, blackness, blacks
Word Example from TV Shows
We should head back to Castle Black
when the snow clears.

We should head back to Castle Black when the snow clears.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 7

Black Mirror?

Black Mirror? No.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 13

We need to shore up Castle Black

We need to shore up Castle Black

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3

but you'll be able to come visit me
at Castle Black when you're better.

but you'll be able to come visit me at Castle Black when you're better.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 2

Man in Black:
What is a person

Man in Black: What is a person

Westworld Season 2, Episode 9

English to Vietnamese Dictionary: black

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