English to Vietnamese Meaning of obscure - che khuất

Obscure :
che khuất

che khuất, làm thành tối tăm, khó hiểu, mù, mơ hồ, sương mù, làm tối, lẩn vào bóng tối, bóng râm, làm tê liệt, giãm, làm cho yếu đuối, làm tan, lờ mờ, che lấp, phai màu, làm mờ, dập tắt, ẩn giấu, giấu, che, choàng, đàn áp, đêm, ban đêm, tối

lờ mờ, che khuất, mơ hồ, mờ, huyền bí, âm u, không tên, ô nhục, không nghe, bình thường, chung, không xác định, ẩn danh, thần bí, chưa công bố, không rỏ ràng, đẩm lệ, đen, tối, ảm đạm, tối tăm, thiên tài thiếu, sáng thiếu, đần độn, vô danh, câm, không minh bạch, khó nghe, ngầm, vô căn cứ, không đọc được, không thể đọc được, không quen, lạ, thô kệch, bí mật, giấu, giấu giếm, sau sân khấu, trơn, đơn giản, trống không, thuộc về hạng bình dân, tồi tàn, thấp, căn cứ, thuộc về nô lệ, chê, khó hiểu, nhiều khói, có sương mù, đầy hơi nước

che khuấtche khuấtobscurelylàm lu mờlu mờ
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Definitions of obscure in English
Verb(1) make less visible or unclear(2) make unclear, indistinct, or blurred(3) make obscure or unclear(4) reduce a vowel to a neutral one, such as a schwa(5) make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing
Adjective(1) not clearly expressed or understood(2) marked by difficulty of style or expression(3) difficult to find(4) not famous or acclaimed(5) not drawing attention(6) remote and separate physically or socially
Examples of obscure in English
(1) To reach a younger demographic, Jensen and his ilk are eschewing mainstream acts and building brand identity with cutting-edge, forgotten, and obscure music.(2) Oblique culinary references and obscure terms go against the grain of the present climate in the culinary world.(3) In doing so, it reflects the manner in which Kafka himself has gradually become indistinguishable from the obscure fascination at the heart of his writings.(4) These neighbourhood joints are often obscure , and the upstairs tenants are likely to keep these little secrets to themselves for fear that if Gus in the lobby gets discovered, there will be a lineup.(5) A set of trimmer figures and new tattoos show a band that's been sharpened by extended tours of an obscure but adoring and importantly, swelling international circuit.(6) But the option is there, and it is clear that ministers, from the Prime Minister down - though Mr Jones's position is still obscure - still genuinely think this is a possibility.(7) First, he argued, in data aggregated at the state level, large districts may overshadow or obscure smaller districts.(8) So much the better if you have a cache of slightly obscure references that you can dispense, especially if these bear only tangential relationship to what you are discussing.(9) Suddenly, I do not see a happy-go-lucky seventeen year old looking back at me, but an unknown man with an obscure past that I know nothing about.(10) He has a way of giving to some obscure magical belief or religious custom a sort of gripping immediacy.(11) Keep the meaning obscure , and you keep the mystery intact.(12) With that in mind, which of the following obscure , graduate-level references does Mead not use in the article?(13) It tends to obscure the problem rather than highlight it, because we do not try and suggest that a company becomes a trustee for the creditors upon the winding-up.(14) Pondering the wisdom of basing a key joke on an obscure music reference that most people won't understand, I wander back downstairs to the lounge.(15) Much is made of Timbaland's undoubted skill as a producer, in fact so much is made of it that he seems to overshadow and obscure the artists he works with these days.(16) Like a Byzantine chant, an obscure collection of religious doctrines - brands - stands poised to take over employee larynges and employee minds.
(1) obscene language ::
ngôn ngữ tục tĩu
(2) obscene behavior ::
hành vi khiêu dâm
1. unclear ::
không rõ
2. abstruse ::
khó hiểu
3. little known ::
ít được biết đến
4. indistinct ::
không minh bạch
5. hidden ::
6. vague ::
mơ hồ
7. unnoticeable ::
không gây chú ý
8. unsung ::
không có ca sĩ
9. dark ::
10. apart ::
cách nhau
11. hide ::
ẩn giấu
12. confuse ::
nhầm lẫn
13. overcloud ::
bị mây phủ
14. blur ::
mơ hồ
15. fog ::
sương mù
1. clear ::
thông thoáng
2. obvious ::
rõ ràng
3. plain ::
4. unambiguous ::
rõ ràng
5. unequivocal ::
lời nói rành rẽ
Different Forms
obscure, obscured, obscurely, obscures, obscuring
Word Example from TV Shows
and obscure knowledge, science.

and OBSCURE knowledge, science.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 3

His sins don't erase that purity,
they only obscure it.

His sins don't erase that purity, they only OBSCURE it.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6

English to Vietnamese Dictionary: obscure

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