English to Vietnamese Meaning of slight - nhẹ

Slight :

nhẹ, sự bất kính, sỉ nhục, đê tiện, bỏ mặc, phỉ báng, xem thường, chơi, cằn nhằn, sự bất tín, khinh bỉ, sự khinh thường, thờ ơ, cẩu thả, sự nhầm lẫn

sỉ nhục, nhẹ, sự bất kính, bỏ mặc, xem thường, bỏ qua, vượt qua, đi qua, bỏ sót, sự sỉ nhục, ghi đè, đi ngang qua, loại bỏ, không tán thành, khinh khi, làm giãm giá trị, khinh bỉ, phung phí, có vẻ bịnh, nhiều xương, mảnh khảnh, tiếng rất nhỏ, loãng, wafer mỏng

ít, ngắn, thấp, sơ sài, nhẹ, phút, gầy, nhẹ bớt, lên đến đỉnh điểm, yếu đuối, dòn, dễ vỡ, tinh vi, hay đau ốm, Hoa hồng, hồng, có sắc hồng, ôn hòa, có màu hồng

nhẹxem thườngnhẹ hơnnhỏcoi nhẹkhinh bỉslightnesskhinh suất
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Definitions of slight in English
Noun(1) a deliberate discourteous act (usually as an expression of anger or disapproval
Verb(1) pay no attention to, disrespect
Adjective(1) (quantifier used with mass nouns, with `a'(2) lacking substance or significance(3) being of delicate or slender build
Examples of slight in English
(1) He was short, perhaps even a little smaller than she, and, despite his enveloping cloak, she suspected that he was slight in build as well.(2) In virtually every case, however, the degree of degradation was slight enough to be inconsequential.(3) If I offended anyone of the Jewish faith, then I apologize for the unintended slight .(4) Despite this, cumulatively the threads both between tracks and between the constituent parts of each track appear rather too slight to maintain this listener's engagement.(5) Hence, the difference could only be explained by the use of a different negative, copied from the original with a slight degree of enlargement.(6) Once you're out on the streets you do have a slight degree of autonomy.(7) A slight degree of petulance had crept into his voice.(8) Colors often look muted and washed out with there also being a slight degree of edge enhancement rearing its ugly head.(9) I mean, this isn't Shakespeare, it's slight and rather broad comedy.(10) There were 21 injuries as a result of accidental fires a slight increase from last year but half of those reported were from just two incidents.(11) He is too light, too slight , too trivial, a figure with insufficient gravity.(12) His best work was way behind him by this time, and even now it's rather slight , but I have a soft spot for some of it(13) Ultimately, it all sounds rather petty and slight .(14) Not to slight him in any way, but that's a lot of people to know.(15) You can still interact with people, but those interactions are slight and superficial (in the on-the-surface sense) and ephemeral.(16) Aerodynamic limitations have been avoided to a slight degree at almost prohibitive cost and with consequent contamination.
Related Phrases of slight
(1) feel slight ::
cảm thấy nhẹ
(2) slight fever ::
sốt nhẹ
(3) slight change ::
thay đổi nhỏ
(4) very slight ::
rất mỏng
(5) slight drop ::
giảm nhẹ
(6) slight breeze ::
Cơn gió nhẹ
(7) slight cold ::
nhẹ lạnh
(8) slight defect ::
khiếm khuyết nhỏ
(9) slight illness ::
bệnh nhẹ
1. small ::
nhỏ bé
2. minor ::
diễn viên phụ
3. slim ::
mảnh khảnh
4. slender ::
mảnh khảnh
5. little ::
6. tenuous ::
mỏng mảnh
7. insult ::
sự sỉ nhục
8. rebuff ::
từ chối
9. insult ::
sự sỉ nhục
10. cold-shoulder ::
lạnh vai
1. mighty ::
vĩ đại
2. powerful ::
quyền lực
3. rugged ::
gồ ghề
4. stalwart ::
mạnh mẽ
5. stout ::
bia đen
6. strong ::
Different Forms
slight, slighted, slighter, slightest, slighting, slightly, slightness, slights
Word Example from TV Shows
along with the slight concavity
of the mirror

along with the SLIGHT concavity of the mirror

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 16

Well, that may be a slight exaggeration.

Well, that may be a SLIGHT exaggeration.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 12

I did what I did not to slight
you, but because I loved another.

I did what I did not to SLIGHT you, but because I loved another.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9

♪ Slight of hand ♪

♪ Slight of hand ♪

Westworld Season 2, Episode 10

Lord Frey will take this delay as a slight.

Lord Frey will take this delay as a SLIGHT.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 7

English to Vietnamese Dictionary: slight

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